MIDSUMMER: Post Solstice Yin & Sound Healing


A gentle post solstice journey. Expand into an intention led ceremonial space with soft movement, breath and sound mastery - co created by Liv (Yoganic) and Janie (Silence & Noise).

This unique experience combines the mindful practice of yin yoga with the liberating expansion of sound medicine. We will begin with gentle embodied yin, inviting you to connect with breath, centre your mind and awaken the body within. Through soft fluid movements, we prepare the grounds for your body to fully open to an expansive state, soaking into the fullness of your being. Set your intentions, surrender to the vibratory rhythms, and let your body integrate as you unravel your true essence of self as you connect with your inner sensations through yin style movement.

Honouring the heart of introverted Cancer season, the sound session will be a dreamy blend of oceanic goings, angelic crystalline frequencies and lilting vocals, offering a space for sonic meditation, deep meditation and psychedelic expansion. We'll be offering tarot cards, crystal talismans and blue lotus tea to amplify and guide your experience as we celebrate the more gentle tones of summer after the glow of solstice.

Sunday 30th June 2024, 4-7pm, 

Price - £45pp

The Temple of Peace, Cardiff 

Mats & props will not be provided for this one, so we kindly ask to please bring your own plus your favourite snuggly blanket and cushion for a yummier yin/sound experience. 

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