October Orchard

'And often before I am quite awake, I fancy I am still in the orchard at Birtwick, standing with my friends under the apple trees'.

The season of layers is upon us - and although the temperatures haven't quite yet plummeted, the dappled autumn light certainly peaks through the crisper leaves as the lazy sun rises a little later each day. Autumn is such an inspiring time of the year. A time of seasonal gatherings of treasured objects & rituals that balance our mind, home & workspace with this most beautiful time of the year. A time to step back, re-evaluate, take a deep breath and hone in on the things that bring positivity, warmth & joy. A time for offerings & alterings. A time for delicious seasonal recipes as we harvest some of the best fruits of the season. A time where we feel that downward pull of energy as we get ready for some winter slow. 

So, what a naturally perfect time to launch our ceramic Orchard Plates. Individually wheel-thrown using local clay, fired and hand brushed in our soft linen glaze with gentle flecks of Cocoa. The perfect platter to house all of those wonderful kitchen creations this season - from freshly baked cakes, to mouthwatering fruitful brunches (our go to this month is thick toasted sourdough with maple figs, smashed avos with smoked salt & crumbled feta), to colourful winter salads or smooth chocolatey desserts (hazelnut chocolate torte, umm - YUM). With thick rim/long edges - perfect for sharing and for stacking. 

Why Orchard? Simply put - it's a space where we gather to thrive upon nature's abundant offerings. It's where goodness grows - in fruits, grains & vegetables which later translates into beautiful wholesome & organic dishes. It's a space that's alive through the seasons - a steady cycle of growth & harvest. A space that allows you to stop, slow down & breathe .. over warm cup of cocoa, or a slice of cake (or two). Our ceramic plates reminded us exactly of that. 

So if you are looking for some inspired quiet time this month - perhaps you are feeling a little lost, overwhelmed, bogged down or just in need of some hearty time with yourself  - grab an Orchard Plate & fill it with something fruitful, accompany it with a Cocoa tumbler and a warming tipple (or two) and go sit with yourself or a loved one in stillness. Breathe in the space, and with it with the smells, the colours - don't ever let the leaves turn without noticing them. Sit with your breath and if you find affirmations or mantra's powerful - try this: 'I am loved, I am safe here, I have everything I need.' 

Wishing you all cosy vibes & much love this week .. x