Finding your Flow

I personally find that mornings - up and out of bed whilst the world still sleeps - are the best time to hang out with yourself. To inspire yourself - mentally and physically. Not because I'm as useless as boobs on a bull in the evenings, but for me - morning rituals are an important way to instill a sense of 'flow' to the day. Move the body, stimulate the mind & sit in stillness to breathe deep and tune into the smaller subtler internal flows of the body. Of course, life is fluid, and you may find height in other times of the day - but carving out time for yourself, to meet yourself, will shift what's stagnant & find flow & flight to your day.



FLOW, is our new online yoga platform - a collective of themed yoga videos (anthology) - meditation, breath-flow and slow/dynamic movement - all at a slow conscious pace. They're about creating a little more time for yourself, your health, your personal growth: whether it's allowing yourself to get still with your breath, freeing the mind of 'stuff' and conscious thought, or dedicating a little more time to moving your body and all it's systems. It's ALL YOGA - a practice that allows you to be with yourself, to feel good with your mind/body - as it is, bringing perspective & rhythm to your day both on and away from the mat.



These anthologies have been created with the intention of inspiring you to practice upon waking in the morning or slowing down into the evening after. However you wish to practice them, the videos combined create a springboard or bookend to your day, and are a wonderful way to bring ritual into your daily life. 



With videos ranging from 10 minutes to an hour and all that's in between - let go of any pre-expectation of where you 'should' be (whether you are a complete newbie or practice yoga daily), and allow these conscious flows to tap into your mind/body/breath. 



I hope you love these collections as much as I’ve loved making them. 



Happy Flowing!